ProNed - Promotion of Non Executive Director

Profile of ProNed Inc.

What is ProNed?

  • ProNed was originally a public institution established in England in 1982 to enhance corporate governance.
  • It was organized by the founders including Sir Adrian Cadbury who made "Cadbury Report", at the initiative of Bank of England.
  • In addition to cultivating on corporate governance, it helped to introduce non-executive directors to listed companies. It played a major role in the development of corporate governance in England.
  • In 1994, ProNed was acquired by an European executive search firm.

To replicate success of ProNed in England, we established Japan's first consulting company specializing in corporate governance to contribute to the further development of Japanese corporations.

Our logo

Our logo symbolizes "Compass" and it is in the hope of guiding our clients to a right direction for its corporate success.

One of our core businesses is to assist our clients in building and maintaining their effective corporate governance. The word, "governance" derives from the Latin word of "gubernare", which means to steer. As the Cadbury Committee described "Corporate Governance" as "The system by which companies are directed and controlled", our mission is to play a role as a helmsman who steers our clients toward a right direction to succeed in business.